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The Wall

Wall 1

Taken in my friend's seaside garden in West Cork, I am looking at the effects of the weather on the old stones and the not so old hawthorn tree.  The climate in this part of Ireland is mild and damp at times, though we are not as wet as the west coast, where the wind come straight off the Atlantic onto the mountains and precipitates a great deal of water.    We are warmed by the Gulf Stream, and we have only a very small mountain, and much of the very wet weather passes over us and continues on its way to Wales.  We are, however, the recipients of much wind;  this has the effect of bending our trees into an easterly boomerang shaped lean.  This garden is very exposed to the wind, and so the owner has planted hundreds of trees as windbreaks, and restored many old walls to provide shelter for her plants.

Camera Nikon G9 modified for infra-red.

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