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Reading Rooftops

Reading Rooftop View
Reading Rooftops

This was taken from the roof of our house at 183 Kings Road Reading, looking south west, the road veering to the left in the distance is Queen's Road.  Opposite, where the trees are, is Eldon Road, up which I used to cycle to school each day. The building near the centre with the yellowish frontage was a temperance hotel.   The house I was brought up in was built in the 1840s just as the Great Western Railway was creeping towards Bristol; it was at this time that Reading began to prosper.  The house had very large, cold, rooms.  There was no heating except very small gas fires.  There was no insulation or double glazing, and the wind whistled through the gaps in the sash windows.   In the dreadful winter of 1947 all the water pipes burst, as they were made out of lead and ran down the outside of the house.   We took water in buckets from a standpipe in the road for several weeks.   This looks like another horrible winter.  The Kodachrome film renders the soft muted tones beautifully. This photograph would have been taken in about 1958 when I had my firest "proper" camera, a Voigtlander Vito B.  It replaced my Ensign Fullvue.

Camera:  Voigtlander Vito B,  lens Colour-Skopar 50mm,  film stock Kodachrome 135.

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