Chris O'Dell Photographs

Work in progress: The Book of West Cork Artists

Note to Artists: I have not yet made the final selection for the book, and these images may
not necessarily be used in the finished publication.

Sonia Caldwell
Sonia Caldwell gets down to business.

Richard Hodgson
Richard Hodgson working on one of his meticulous landscapes

Carol James Artist
Carol James working on her sculpture, by the harbour in Schull

Nigel James
Water, clay, and a lot of energy go into Nigel James's ceramics.

Hammond Journeaux
Hammond Journeaux draws Camilla in the open air.

Terry Keenan
Terry Keenan contemplates his next move.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin takes a break from painting by playing on her beautiful piano.

Leda May
Leda May painting one of her beautiful plates

Catherine Melvin Artist
Catherine Melvin at work in her studio.

Patricia Coogan O'Dell
Patricia Coogan O'Dell at home with the easel.

athleen Reardon
Kathleen Kelley Reardon with her delicate seascapes.

Jenny Snashall
Jenny Snashall at work in the open air

Christine Thery
The natural world inspires Christine Thery's work.

Peter Wolstenholme Artist
Peter Wolstenholme is an artist and naturalist

Julia Zagar Artist
Julia Zagar in her colourful workshop

More Artists to Come

Technical information:  Cameras various:  Nikon 300s,  Nikon FM2, Bronica ETRS, Voigtlander Bessa

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