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Marianne Faithfull & Mike Leander
In the recording studio.  I think this was taken in the Abbey Road studios, in about 1965.  The chap with the headphones
is Mike Leander, the arranger of many of her songs, and I think they are recording "This Little Bird".  This was the only
recording session of hers that I ever went to, and this picture has never been published before.

All these photographs were taken over quite a short period of time, around 1960 - 62.  After she became  well known it became much harder to have access to her.  I was fortunate to have been able to photograph her before the carpetbaggers of the pop music world contrived to steer her life towards a less happy existence.  I was at college learning my craft, and found her to be a natural subject, unselfconscious and relaxed.  This changed in later years, as can be seen in many of the pictures subsequently taken of  her by some of the world's most distinguished photographers.   I was lucky to have been around at that early part of her life.

These pictures all taken with my Asahi Pentax camera, lens: 55mm Takumar, film stock Kodak Tri-X amd Kodachrome.

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