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Lisheen Co Cork
Lisheen, Co Cork

Lisheen Pier is one of many small fishing harbours scattered around the sheltered waters of Roaringwater BayThere is no village here, just a scattering of modest houses and a short concrete pier and a launching slip.  There are a small number of fishing boats moored alongside, most are part of the mussel fishing trade.  These strange metal fabrications are the anchors onto which lines of rope are strung in long strands through the water.  The mussels are seeded onto the ropes to come to maturity in the clean Atlantic tides.  The boats from Lisheen Pier go out every day in all weathers to harvest the mussels, many of which find their way to the top dining tables in the best restaurants of Paris, London, and Madrid.  The blustery West wind is blowing a heavy squall across the horizon, it will soak Lisheen in a few minutes, and then the sun will come out again.

Nikon D200

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