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Cobh Waterfront

Cobh Waterfront
Cobh Waterfront

There is a tradition in West Cork of painting your houses in bright colours.   The houses risisng above Cobh (pronounced "cove") harbour  exemplify this picturesque habit.  Cobh, before independence, was called Queenstown Harbour, and it was from here that SS Titanic continued her final voyage, having started in Liverpool.  Here she set down a few passengers who were not booked to go all the way to America, and took on more, many of whom were emigrants.  This little pier under the clock tower is exactly where the small boats picked up the passengers. 
One of the voyagers who left the Titanic on that day was the photographer-priest Father Brown SJ who took most of the last ever photographs of the great ship on her maiden voyage.
My photograph was taken from the deck of the late lamented Cork to Swansea ferry, using a borrowed digital camera of relatively low pixel count, a Fuji I think.  Despite the lack of pixels I have made A2 prints of this image

Camera:  Fuji, unremebered model.

Exhibition prints of this and all other photographs on this site are available size A2 on Permajet Distinction Fine Art paper 325gsm price €100 including packing and posrtage to all parts of the world.  Send email here with title of image and I will invoice you via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account, you can pay with major credit/debit cards).

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