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The Brandenburg Gate

Brandenbeurg Gate
Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate as it is now - Photo by Runner 1928 courtesy Wikimedia Commons

My photograph of the Brandenburg Gate was taken during my trip to Berlin in 1964.  The Gate was situated in the Russian sector of the city and was part of East Berlin.  When the Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 it was isolated from the rest of West Berlin.  The area was patrolled and guarded by Soviet troops and I remember watching ceremonial guard changing events taking place under the red flags.  The gate was completed in 1791 and was based on the Propylaea, the gateway to the Acropolis in Athens, and was supposed to represent peace.  It is one of the best known buildings in Germany, and possibly the world.  Its symbolic effect on history remains questionable.

Camera Asahi Pentax, 50mm Takumar, Kodak Tri-X

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